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Author Spotlight; Elle Boon

 His Perfect Wolf
Released: April 14th 2015

Niall is alpha of the Mystic Wolves. His life revolved around protecting his pack and son Nolan. He planned to do this alone until finding an injured woman who stirred more than just his lust.

When Alaina Strop woke in the tattooed arms of a strange wolf shifter, all she could think of was getting closer. Having no memory was a small thing compared to the feelings she had for the growling man. Before she could give her mind and body to him, she needed to find out who she was, and be sure she didn’t belong to another. Though deep in her soul, she knew she was Nialls.

Danger came to Mystic as Alaina’s memory returned and her father came to claim her for another wolf. But Niall, the big bad alpha, had found his perfect wolf, and wasn’t about to let her go, no matter the cost.

The need to sink into her heat inflamed him. The dirty things he imagined doing to her, a virgin up until recently should be illegal.

“You are going to drive me insane. You know that, don’t you?” Niall’s mouth covered hers, taking instead of asking.

“Don’t look at me like that or I’ll have you and me both stripped in less than sixty seconds.” Niall growled.

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Mancandy Monday

What better way to start your week than with some alluringly sexy menfolk! It is a strong belief of mine that your mornings will go smoothly once you've had a good dose of your favorite mancandy, and here is mine... 

Friday, 24 April 2015

Author Spotlight; Maia Dylan

Today the lovely Maia Dylan has come back to share her latest release with us, Lucy’s Luck – Grey River 2. This book releases on April 15th with Siren Publishing. If you would like to ask Maia any questions then feel free to post to her on Twitter using the following hashtag; #GreyRiverand @Maiadylanauthor, and she will answer you as she sees them.



When bad things happen is fate or bad luck to blame?  Lucy Blake didn’t believe in fate, but knew just how dangerous bad luck could be.

Lucy was having a really bad... well life!  She put it all down to having the worst luck in the world.  She had always thought that perhaps someone had replaced the 'L' in her Luck with an 'F'.  Running for her life, being chased by a drug dealing, murdering, people trafficker was just the icing on top of a craptastic cake.  She found herself in Grey River hurt and alone but with offers of help and protection coming from the two EMT's who had saved her. 

Cody and Brendan Anderson were Grey River Pack beta.  They find more than an unconscious woman when they answer a call for help.  They had just had the very good fortune of finding their mate!  Now they just had to convince her to let them keep her.

**erotic romance, ménage a trois, paranormal, shape-shifter, anal sex, double penetration.**

Lucy’s jaw dropped and she felt the color rise in her face, “Cody! You shouldn’t say things about my, my…girl parts!”

“Why the hell not? I have a feeling your girl parts are going to be one of my most favorite things in the world, so why wouldn’t I talk about them?”

Cody looked at her as she was the one talking crazy. She looked to Brendan for some semblance of sanity and he was nodding in full agreement. Oh, for the love of peanut butter cups! Closing her eyes in exasperation, she took a deep calming breath. “We seem to have gone off topic here.” She opened eyes and all thoughts on what she was going to say next evaporated. Somehow they had crossed the room in complete silence and were standing so close to her. Their scents filled her head and clouded her thoughts.

“I don’t know about that, kitten. I think I like the current topic way more than the last one.”
Brendan’s throaty, raspy voice had turned her into the I’d-do-anything-for-you Lucy. Golly, they didn’t fight fair.

“Lucille, we know you want us, the smell of your pussy getting all wet, slick and hot for us, makes me so hot, horny and hard it physically hurts. You are not alone in the attraction stakes here. If you put yourself in our hands we will protect you, keep you safe, and do everything in our power to make you happy.”

“You happiness will be our life’s work, pet.”

Cody stepped forward and lifted his hand to cup her cheek. His eyes bored into hers, and she started trembling, wanting to simply give them everything she had and everything she was, for just one moment of actually belonging to them. “All you have to do is say yes, Lucille. Let us help you to shoulder whatever it is troubling you and let us love on you until you know where you are meant to be.”

Brendan stepped up to her other side and slid his arm around her back, settling his hand on her hip. “We’re here for you Lucille, and unless you tell us there is no chance in hell that you could ever feel for us what we are starting to feel for you then we have no intention of leaving you or allowing you to leave us. Take a chance, kitten. Say yes, Lucille.”

Lucy started to tremble at the thought of taking that risk. It wasn’t a matter of trust. She knew she could trust these men to see to her safety, but she knew what was coming. She knew who was coming. And she knew without a doubt that if it were just her facing Mani and his men on her own, there would be no chance of winning. She would be signing her own death warrant.

When she had taken off that night, it had been in a desperate attempt to save her life. But she had known it was going to be short-lived, that she didn’t have the strength, skills, or resources to survive on her own. Mani was too powerful, too rich, and too desperate for her to disappear. And she had resigned herself to that to a certain degree. Not that she had a death wish or anything, it’s just she was a realist.

Now? She wanted to live! She wanted the chance to stay in Grey River and become someone who might actually be worthy of these two men, men she knew were strong enough to help her, but were they strong enough to take on Mani and his men? The question she really needed to answer for herself was if her fear that staying could bring trouble to their door was stronger than her desire for a future with Brendan and Cody.

And the answer was no.

Well, hello there epiphany! It was really quite simple. Nothing was stronger than her desire for a future with Brendan and Cody. For that she could face anything and anyone. She must have stood there having her epiphany in silence because both men frowned.

“Lucille?” Cody asked quietly.

“Lucy.” She couldn’t help smiling as their frowns deepened.

“What?” Brendan said.

Her smile widened and she felt a weight suddenly lift from her spirit. “Lucy, my name is Lucy Blake, and my answer is yes.”


Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Author Spotlight; Peri Elizabeth Scott

His Rebel Countess (Challenging the Ton 1)
Peri Elizabeth Scott

[BookStrand Historical Romance, HEA]

Oliver Birmingham, Earl of Leith, is an aristocrat—albeit socially minded—and in the market for a bride. Beautiful, intelligent Abigayle Windsor is a commoner, one the Earl is impossibly drawn to, and when he accidentally compromises her, he insists they wed.

Despite her misgivings, Abby agrees to marry Oliver and their honeymoon lays the foundation for a loving, wonderful marriage. But back in London, Oliver is again the Earl, and Abby finds herself adrift and uncertain, unable to fit in, and she garners considerable attention from the gentlemen of the ton.

Frustrated with Abby’s apparent refusal to adapt, and driven wild with jealousy he refuses to acknowledge, Oliver disciplines his bride one fateful night. He then decrees that if she won’t act the part of his Countess, providing him heirs will suffice, and effectively breaks her heart.
Have Oliver’s actions cost him Abby’s love? Or can he leave his father’s influence behind, and make it up to her?

     No matter how she cajoled, Mr. Landbourne wouldn’t be convinced to share anything with her, other than his information was relevant to a bill being discussed in Parliament on the morrow. He insisted it wasn’t for the ears of ladies, no matter if this lady had her husband’s ear as she implied, and Abby’s mood soured by the minute. Her curiosity ran rampant as well.

     Thomas brought refreshments—tea and pastries. Nothing stronger to give the impression the small gathering was anything more than innocent. And he left the door wide open, his shadow passing by frequently. Belatedly, Abby came to the conclusion that entertaining Edwin might not have been the best choice. She wished for Oliver to hurry home.

     Be careful what you wish for. The ominous words filled her head as the front door opened and closed, loud in the quiet of the house, followed by a murmur of voices. Her husband’s large frame filled the doorway, incredulity a dire mask on his features before he composed them. Abby chilled to the bone in the face of it. “My lady. Landbourne.”

     His freezing tone didn’t totally hide the bubbling fury in his voice. Abby intuited that Oliver was in a towering rage such as she’d never witnessed, and instinctively stood to insert herself between him and Edwin, who was also on his feet and babbling anxiously.

     “Leave. Now.” Where was the Earl of Leith, that paragon of manners and proper behavior? The Earl of Hauteur? Mr. Landbourne obviously looked for him too, going pale and blinking frantically. His lips flapped but nothing intelligible emerged.

     Then this new Oliver set her aside, merely grasping her upper arms and lifting her clear to set her away from them, before bearing down on the inoffensive Edwin. Twisting the youth’s arm up behind his back, Oliver frogmarched him out of the room before her astonished eyes, ignoring his pleas. The sounds of a scuffle diminished, then she distinctly heard the slamming of the entry. Thomas dashed in to widen his eyes at her, and tried to say something, only to retreat, as with a measured tread, Oliver gained the room again and crossed to loom over her. Had he always been so tall?

     “What were you thinking?” His intimidating near growl frightened her but also sparked her temper, a faint hint of guilt fueling the fire.

     “I beg your pardon?” She too could sound icy and forbidding, having been schooled by some of the best in the ton, and Oliver’s eyes flashed in response.

     “Entertaining Edwin Landbourne. When you were unwell, too ill to attend the Dowager Duchess’s ball. The event of the season and one extremely important to my status in Parliament. I would have thought you’d hope to showcase your considerable charms to a wider audience.”

     The attack on her reputation was the final straw. She’d had enough. Damn his status. And damn his insinuations. What about their marriage? What about her? If Oliver chose not to hear Mr. Landbourne out then it wasn’t her place to tell him the young man had come to share information perhaps very relevant to tomorrow’s day in Parliament. To her husband’s oh-so-precious duty.

     “There is nothing to say. And certainly nothing to defend. I have no interest in those balls and parties and soirees you insist upon. I have no interest in any part of this social life you have thrust me into, using me to further your political interests! That you no longer even share with me! I have no interest in being your wife.”

     A horrible stillness settled over Oliver, and the difference in him became even more pronounced. He somehow grew taller, his shoulders wider, and the very flesh on his cheekbones thinned to give him a cruel, finely etched appearance. She barely recognized him. His next words flayed her, delivered in such a silky tone it nearly masked the venom.

     “But you are my wife, Abigayle. My countess. And as my wife you will take my direction and advice and obey me henceforth. Without negotiation. Without complaint or protest, or pay a very dear price for defying me.”

     Aghast, she retreated as far as the couch behind her would allow and shook her head. “No. I can’t live like that.”

    “Then you leave me no choice.”

     Bearing her out of the room with no care to her protests and struggles, he took her to a small room at the end of the hall. Her eye caught the quick movements of the servants and she was mortally embarrassed to be handled in such a way in front of them. What transpired next was something she somehow retreated from in order to deny him further and only consider later when alone again in her room, deposited there by a man she no longer knew, yet was married to and forced to deal with for her lifetime. If only at his time and choosing.

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Mancandy Monday

What better way to start your week than with some alluringly sexy menfolk! It is a strong belief of mine that your mornings will go smoothly once you've had a good dose of your favorite mancandy, and here is mine... 

Friday, 17 April 2015

Author Spotlight; Ukyo Ayane

Ukyo Ayane was born August 25 in Aichi Prefecture, Japan, where she still lives to date. She loves cats, reading manga, traveling and sleeping, and playing pachinkoin (a popular Japanese arcade game). Ayane is a famous mangaka who writes romance in a variety of genres. 
When writing her popular BL (or Yaoi) manga she goes by the pen-name, Sakyo Aya. 

For more information on her manga check out her Goodreads profile.

Himananode Hajimete Mimashita

Amano Rintarou has taken care of Nakatsugawa Maki since they were kids. He knows his childhood friend Maki isn't the brightest crayon in the box but in spite of that, or maybe because of that, he still has always thought he would be taking care of him now and in the future. 

However, when they enter university together and Rintarou is made to move in with Maki, Maki goes from being a regular idiot to being a perverted idiot! But only towards Rintarou?!

What's Rintarou going to do?! How will he deal with this new side of Maki? Will he be able to still live with him and continue to take care of Maki now and forever?

This is my first time reading anything from this author. The storyline was hot yet sweet, centering around two childhood friends who are inseparable and eventually fall in love. The art work was beautiful, they really captured the feminine masculinity of the characters. Made me swoon little if I were to be honest. I think I have found a new author to add to the girl crush list. Worthy of a five star review. 


More titles by Ukyo

Kuroneko Kareshi no Asobikata

From Girls' Generation: The cat-human Shingo is able to change into a black cat, and as long as someone has the looks and body that he likes, he'll sleep with just about anyone. Falling for Shingo because he was overwhelmed by his strong masculine aura is the No. 1 popular actor, Kakami. Amongst all the playful teasing and messing around between the two, Kakami suddenly shows his beastly nature...?!

Nekoka Kareshi no Ayashikata

From Girls' Generation: Kokonoe is a werecat who turns into a cat when he is excited. Destiny has it that one morning, Kokonoe, runs into Natsume, who seems to have a special relationship with cats. With Natsume's touch, Kokonoe soons finds himself purring and getting excited. However, Kokonoe is determined to keep his cat side and the feelings he has for Natsume under control. How will their love blossom? A love lesson between a white coat school doctor and a werecat.

Ikezu Kareshi no Otoshikata

From Girls' Generation Scanlations: On the grounds of a manga-event, ero-mangaka Yukio couldn’t help but get seduced into being scouted by the editor, Tanaka. Lured in, everything went fine for his debut but, in reality Tanaka is a sadistic editor. He’s not going easy on Yukio, but on one day, even though he’s an erotic manga artist, Tanaka exposes him as a virgin… A sadistic glasses wearing-editor x tsundere virgin ero-mangaka goes through their love training!


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Author Spotlight; Evelise Archer

50 and loving it. Can Tiara find her submission again? Will Julian lose the only woman he has ever loved? #GoldenYears #decadentpub

Released: March 11th 2015
Buy Links: Bookstrand / Amazon US 

On the cusp of turning fifty, Tiara, a submissive without a Dom or husband, desired to return to the lifestyle. Placing her destiny in the hands of Madame Eve and the 1Night Stand Service, will Tiara find all that she seeks? Or will a past love interfere with her future plans? 

“You still got it, girl.” Admiring her lithe and toned body in the full-length mirror, she donned the silk robe left on a hook.
She folded and stowed her costume on the chair so when she returned to the bathroom it would be readily available. Stepping into the dimly lit hallway, Tiara followed the recessed lighting located in the floor to where a DM stood ramrod straight, muscular arms crossed over his chest.

“You may enter.” He held the door open for her and followed her in. “Please remember to utilize your safewords, if necessary. Yellow to slow down and red to stop. If at any time you feel unsettled or unsafe, this button will send a signal to me, and I will enter immediately to stop all play. Do you understand?” The DM pointed to the panic button.

“Yes, I understand.”

“Enjoy.” Without a glance backwards, the imposing DM vacated the room. Stripping off her robe, she folded and left it on a chair for later.

The walls of the Doctor’s Office were a pale pink with brown accents. Her eyes were drawn to the intricate examining table with fur-lined stirrups at the base. The table appeared to be disjointed to allow for adjustable angles. She ran her fingers along the wardrobe cabinet, dark cherrywood sanded smooth to the touch. A queen-size bed, also dark wood, sat in the far corner. She stood at parade rest, eyes downcast.


Author Bio:
An avid reader and story teller, wife, mother and educator, Evelise is living her dream with her loving husband, dog, and three children who visit often. Fueled by desire for a strong cup of coffee and a passion for literature, Evelise can be found reading her favorite books on her e-reader or in front of her lap top spinning her next erotic M/M tale.

Find me here:

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Mancandy Monday

What better way to start your week than with some alluringly sexy menfolk! It is a strong belief of mine that your mornings will go smoothly once you've had a good dose of your favorite mancandy, and here is mine... 

Wednesday, 8 April 2015

New Release; Michelle Roth

When You Were Mine
Release Date: 7th April 2015

[Siren Classic: Erotic Contemporary Romance, spanking, HEA]

When Cora Blanchard said goodbye to Jamie Connolly seven years ago, she knew she'd have to see him again eventually. What she doesn't expect is for all of the old feelings she thought she had let go to come rushing back to the surface. It was as if nothing had changed. Fresh out of a highly publicized train wreck of a relationship, Cora is afraid to trust in those feelings or in herself. She tries to remain friends with him, but she's just fooling herself. There's no way she can be with him and not want more.

The moment that Jamie sees her, he realizes that seven years of silence and two thousand miles haven't changed his feelings. The only thing that has changed is Cora. He sees a sadness in her eyes that was never there before. Just as Jamie is starting to earn her love and her trust, someone threatens to tear them apart forever.

General Story Excerpt:

He gathered the paint cans and supplies, then moved toward the entrance. As he walked through the main lobby he thought about how he was going to tell Cora. Even more, he thought about the conversation he was going to have with Patty.

He hit the button and waited. When the elevator doors slid open, he was facing one highly surprised Cora. Shit, he thought. This had not gone according to plan.


He winced, felt the flush creep up his neck and then said, “So you're never going to believe this incredibly awkward coincidence.”

A cautious look in her eye, she stepped out of the elevator, took in his painting supplies and said, “Try me.”

“Patty. She rented me a vacant office on the second floor. I didn't realize you were here until I called Evan to ask about painting. This isn't nearly as stalker-ish as it seems. I swear to god.”

Cora considered him for a moment and then said, “It's entirely plausible.”

Jamie made a move to lift a hand, paint can and all, and said, “Scouts honor. My decision to rent an office here has nothing to do with you. I was going to drop these off and then text you to warn you. When I talked to Evan about painting, he figured it out. I love 'em, but my family can sometimes be a real pain in the ass.”

“Agreed,” she responded. “ weren't a boy scout, were you?”

“Nope. I still had no idea, though. I'm sorry.”

“This has Patty written all over it, Jamie. It's fine,” Cora said, letting him off the hook.

He gave a small sigh of relief, then asked, “Wanna come take a look? Keep in mind, I'm doing some redecorating.”

Cora looked down at her watch and said, “Sure. Let me go drop off this package and I'll be right back.”

Jamie leaned against the bank of elevators, paint bucket and supplies in hand, as he waited for Cora to finish in the mailroom. He shook his head again, still unable to believe Patty. He really couldn't wait to have a conversation with her. At least Cora hadn't freaked out on him.

When he saw her approaching, he pressed the button for the elevator again. After she stepped inside, he moved into the space with her.

As he hit the second floor, she said, “Oh! I bet you're in the office where the holistic doctor was.”

“Yeah, the landlord said it was a doctor's office that left,” Jamie said, a smile pulling at his lips.

He walked down the hallway, and stopped in front of his new office. He set the paint bucket down and dug for his keys. When he unlocked the door, a waft of stale incense and pot met them.

Cora did a slow turn as they stepped inside, then she wrinkled her nose and said, “Seems like maybe they were more into herbal healing. Unless you've picked up a new hobby that I don't know about?”

She turned to face him, her laughter echoing in the empty space around them. In that moment, her hair draped over her shoulder, eyes shining, all traces of sadness were gone. She was absolutely stunning.

He itched to pull her to him, bury his hands in her hair, and press his mouth against hers. He suspected that wouldn't go over well, so instead, he buried his hands in his pocket and grinned.

After a pause, he said, “That hasn't been my thing since college. Nothing to disclose, Dr. Blanchard. What about you?”

“Never tried it. Apparently all I needed to do was come down the hall,” she said with a snort as she wandered into the conference room.

“Yeah. The landlord is tearing out the carpet over the weekend and putting in hardwood. That'll probably get rid of the smell. Plus, I'm going to air it out in here when I paint,” he said.

“Oh, don't tell me you're replacing this beautiful green paint,” Cora said, a smirk pulling at her lips.

His face deadpan, he said, “Don't worry. Just retouching it.”

Her eyes widened as she said, “Please tell me you're kidding.”

“Completely kidding,” he said with a grin. He reached into his back pocket and grabbed the paint sample out, holding it up for her inspection.

Cora visibly relaxed and said, “Warm beige. I can see that. And you said you found cherrywood furniture?”

“I may go with something lighter. I haven't entirely decided.”

“Hardwood? Nice. By the way, in light of recent events, did you just want to order in lunch tomorrow? That way you can get started early tomorrow.”

“Would you mind?” he asked. Cora had always been thoughtful. It was one of the things that he had liked so much about her. She thought about other people in a way that most people didn't.

“It was my idea, Jamie,” she said, drily. “I remember how exciting putting together my office was.”

 “What time did you want to plan for? I'll call in the order.”

He watched her glance down at her watch, saw her eyes widen and heard her mutter, “Crap, crap, crap. I'm gonna be late. I'll check my schedule and text you later. Congrats on the new office!”

Before he could speak, she gave him a quick hug and scurried out of the office past him.

“Bye,” he said to her retreating figure.

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Author Spotlight; Maia Dylan

Today the lovely Maia Dylan, author of Lost Faith - Grey River 1, her very first published book, will be taking over my blog. Feel free to post any questions to Maia on Twitter using any of the hashtags #LostFaith or #GreyRiverSeries and tag her using @Maiadylanauthor. Maia will answer them as she sees them. Now, sit back and enjoy what she has in store for you!

Released March 25th

Is it better to have loved and lost than never loved at all? For Ty and Trent Jamieson, the Grey River pack Alphas, they would say either would be preferable to both!

They knew Faith Abrams was destined to be theirs from the moment they first came across her scent. Finding out that she was only 19 and studying put their grand mating plans to the back burner, at least for a couple of years. Problems only arose when she suddenly left them when they had finally decided to come clean about their feelings that they had kept hidden and claim her.  They lost Faith and when Mother Nature steps in dramatically to give them an opportunity to get her back, things become very clear that perhaps her leaving was not all as it seemed.

Can the brothers bring their fated triad together and protect their mate as it should have always been? Or are they destined to lose Faith forever?

**erotic romance, ménage a trois, paranormal, shape-shifter, anal sex, double penetration**

     “Well, I guess we start Operation Mate Claim when Faith gets up from her nap for dinner, huh?” Trent went back to finishing their dinner of steaks, baked potatoes, and a green salad. Ty chuckled as they both heard the door to the mistress suite open slowly and hesitant steps come out into the corridor.
     “I guess our mate is hungry,” Ty stated as he went to meet Faith and bring her into the kitchen for dinner.
     Trent felt his heart sped up. He was nervous, for fuck’s sake! This was like their first real date! This was the first time the three of them would be together when he and his brother were on the same page and trying to get Faith to accept them as life partners. The importance of this was not lost on him, or his wolf, who for the first time since Faith arrived on their doorstep that afternoon had stopped prowling in his mind.
     The scent of his mate suddenly filled the kitchen, and Trent closed his eyes to draw her scent into his lungs. My God. She smelled delicious, and he couldn’t wait to take a great big ol’ bite out of her. Just the thought of getting his mouth on her body caused major blood loss to his brain as his dick suddenly filled. Shit, if this continued, he was going to have a zipper imprint on his dick for life!
     “You and me both, Brother.” Ty’s strained voice came to him down their link. Well, misery liked company, so at least he wasn’t alone.
     Trent turned to smile at Faith as Ty got her settled at the kitchen counter. She was dressed for comfort in a large cotton button-down shirt and leggings. They had decided to keep this meal casual, as the conversation afterward would be anything but. Within minutes the three of them were settled at the counter with plates piled high with food before them.
     “Wow, this looks fantastic, guys! Thanks.” Faith cut into her steak. It was cooked to her liking, well-done, which was sacrilege as far as he was concerned. Faith must have noticed the frown he and Ty wore, and she laughed, sending tingles over his skin at the sound. “Yeah, I know, it’s sacrilege to have a steak well-done, blah blah blah. But your steaks look like a good veterinarian would have them up and running in ten minutes!”
     Ty and Trent threw their heads back and laughed. They loved their mate’s sense of humor. She had always been able to make them laugh. After that, the atmosphere definitely relaxed, and it wasn’t until then that Trent realized just how tense it had been up until that point. The conversation throughout dinner was simple and light, shared memories from two years ago playing a major role in the evening.
     As the meal drew to a close, the brothers ushered Faith to a chair at the kitchen counter with a cup of coffee while they took care of cleaning up. When they were all seated around the counter, the conversation stopped altogether. Trent felt the tension rise as he realized that all three of them must have come to the same conclusion.
     There were a lot of things that needed to be said. Trent thought about that old saying that there was an elephant in the room, and smiled when he changed the analogy to a herd of elephants in this room. So many things that needed to be talked about, apologies that needed to be made and accepted, and then trying to explain about being shifters without Faith running screaming from the house. OK, so he had effectively outlined an agenda, and now it was time to lay all their cards on the table. Taking a deep breath to calm his nerves, he glanced quickly at his brother and saw they were on the same page. Then he turned to face their mate. The time was now.

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Mancandy Monday

What better way to start your week than with some alluringly sexy menfolk! It is a strong belief of mine that your mornings will go smoothly once you've had a good dose of your favorite mancandy, and here is mine... 

Friday, 3 April 2015

Author Spotlight; Andrew Jericho

Welcome, my darlings. Today I’m very lucky to be interviewing the amazing Andrew Jericho, author of the Rock Stars series.

Amara: Hello there Andrew, thank you for agreeing to this interview. Why don’t you start by telling us about your latest release?

Andrew: Flirting with Heaven, is the third book in the Rock Stars series, inspired by the glam bands of the 80’s and 90’s—the big hair, make-up, drama, and sexuality.  The lifestyle of the Rock Hard band members reflects that time period.  I would further describe the book as romantic, passionate, and erotic. All three words in that order, as the men in the story blend romance with passionate eroticism.  My writing is not for the faint of heart.

All titles in the series are MMMMM erotic romances.  There are five men, and five committed hearts.  Not only do I depict their relationship dynamics, but I have explored the sexuality each of them share individually, as couples, and finally as a ménage à cinq. Also, I’ve woven a book series where the activities of a rock ‘n’ roll band cross over into a more intimate portrayal of the men behind the music. 

I hope my readers enjoy the Rock Stars series as much as I’ve enjoyed writing it. 

Amara: Damn, that's a lot of Ms. This series is on my TBR pile. Have you always wanted to be an author, and what inspired you to write?

Andrew: I don’t believe I ever had an epiphany that writing was my calling. I began my career as a freelance journalist and photographer, and became a ManLove erotic romance author in November, 2012 upon the publication of my first book Ripped with Siren-BookStrand Publishing.  So, in a sense, I’ve always been a writer in one form or another.

Amara: A journalist and photographer, that's so cool. So, what have you written to date?

Andrew: I’ve written nine books.  My latest, Hard Times (Prison Masters 1), has a tentative release date of May 9th with Siren-BookStrand Publishing.  In addition, I have a collection of short stories, available as free reads, on my Website.  Many of these shorts were published at ManLove Authors. 

Amara: I actually read Two Men In Love last night, and loved it. The free reads are amazing, Andrew. So, want to tell us about any future projects?

Andrew: Currently, I have two WIP.  They are listed below:
  • Queen of Hearts (Drag Show 2)
  • Untitled (Rock Stars 4)

Amara: Do you have any unusual writing rituals?

Andrew: I like routines, but am also fond of spontaneity.  I’ve written under different circumstances and surroundings, so it would be hard to pinpoint just one. 

Amara: If you get writer’s block when you’re writing, how do you get around it?

Andrew: I get writers block all the time.  In addition, I’m a slow writer.  My theory for coping is when a story is ready to be told I’ll write it.  I can’t force the process. 

Amara: List your top ten snacks while writing.

Andrew: I don’t eat a great deal when writing, but I can list ten snacks I enjoy. 
1. Chips and Salsa and / or Cheese Dip
2. Popcorn
3. Pretzels
4. Almonds
5. Graham Crackers
6. Granny Smith Apples
7. Bananas
8. Cottage Cheese
9. Swiss Cheese
10. York Peppermint Patties

Amara: Mmmm now I'm hungry! Does your nearest and dearest know what you write, and if so, what was their reaction when they found out?

Andrew: My partner, John, knows what I write.  He’s my muse.  Living with such an attractive flamboyant gay man gives me numerous inspirational ideas as a writer.  I infuse my characters with bits and pieces of the man who shares my life.

Amara: That's so sweet, thank you for sharing. What kind of books did you enjoy reading when you were younger? Who popped your erotica cherry?

Andrew: I consider poets to be authors.  I am fond of the Romantic Poets:  Wordsworth, Keats, Bryon, Coleridge, and Shelley. The favorite works among them would be far too many to list. I didn’t start reading ManLove until several years before my first book was published.

Amara: Who is your favourite author?

Andrew: There are too many to list. 

Amara: *cough* Amara Lebel *cough* What do you do in your free time?

Andrew: I enjoy spending time with my family, photography, eclectic tastes in music and the arts, and browsing the local library and art galleries.

Amara: Tell us five things about yourself not many people would know.

1. I only wear silver mirrored aviator sunglasses.
2. I have a valet box on my nightstand which stores my keys, ring, sunglasses, wallet, and watch.
3. As a young man, I often had dreams of joining the ROTC in college and becoming a military officer.   I also wondered what being a law enforcement officer, or firefighter would be like as well.
4. During the spring of 1993, John and I took a cross-country motorcycle trip to the West Coast.  In the fall of the same year, we decided to visit the opposite side of the States, as we took a similar venture towards the Eastern Sea Board
5. I have severe anxiety and panic disorders, several phobias, and gender dysphoria. My symptoms are many, and continually mix themselves up on a daily basis. Some days are worse than others. If you’ve seen the movie “What About Bob”—I’m can be Bob. LOL

Amara: Final and most important question…. Chocolate or caramel??

Andrew: Chocolate

Amara: WooHoo that's the right answer ;)
Thank you again for stopping by Andrew, its been a pleasure!