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Author Spotlight; Kelsie Belle

Title: The White Witch’s Legacy 3: Saige

AVAILABLE: Tuesday, March 17th

[Siren Classic: Erotic Paranormal Romance, shape-shifters, witches, HEA]

Haunted by the curse of a tormented past, Damien Thorn doesn't believe love and a happily-ever-after is in the cards for him. A witch hunter and slayer who despises everything that has to do with witchcraft, he finds himself in a very uncomfortable situation when he has to help his adopted brother find his mate's sister, who happens to be a witch. Soon, just a sniff of Saige Callahan's peculiar scent has him panting after her and wanting things he vowed he would never want from any witch. Never did he expect to be drawn to her the way he is and he's determined to stay away from her, even if it killed him.

One look at Thorn's luscious physique has Saige convinced that she has to have him, even if it's just for one night. But how can she even get close to him if he's determined to hate her at all costs? Can she cast a spell on this jaded shifter to make him see that all witches weren't created equal?

Story Excerpt
A sudden movement in the bushes made her snap back to reality with a little jump. Biting back the sudden pang of fear, she forced herself to remain still and listen for a moment, but she didn’t hear the peculiar sound again. She expelled a breath of relief, realizing that her mind was probably playing tricks on her. In any case, it was perhaps time to get out of the water now. God only knew how long she’d been in here already. She hurriedly made her way to the riverbank, drying off and dressing in record time. But as she was gathering her belongings, she suddenly heard the movement in the bushes again.

Another jolt of fear coursed through her, and she had to force herself to tamp it down. It was probably just an animal passing by, or maybe the tree branches rustling in the breeze. Absolutely nothing to be afraid of. She hurriedly began to make her way back to the campsite, moving her feet as fast as she could and looking about her wildly despite her efforts to remain calm. She was still several feet away from the cabin when a low growling made her stop dead in her tracks.

Fear made her throat constrict like a closed-off tunnel when she noticed a pair of gleaming amber eyes peering at her through the darkness. The rumbling growl sounded again, louder this time, and then the owner of the eyes began moving closer toward her. The crunching of leaves under the creature’s feet resounded in her ears like firecrackers. She could tell it was advancing on her, but she still couldn’t make out its figure in the dim moonlight. She had no idea what it was, couldn’t decide whether she should turn and run or stand her ground and try to fight it off.

Instinctively she began moving backward, calculating her best options for escape as she did so. At that moment, the animal made a sudden pounce, and she finally got to see what it was in a thin glimmer of the moonlight—a humongous black cat. Shocked, she opened her mouth to scream, but no sound escaped. Without another thought, she spun on her heels and made to run in the opposite direction, but before she made even one step, the cat was in front of her again. What the hell? Is there more than one of them?

“Stay back!” she yelled, crouching to find something on the ground to defend herself.

The cat just growled again and began stalking toward her once more.

“Shoo! Get out of here!” she tried again, waving a stick she’d picked up. Still it came at her.

She backed up some more, inching away from the animal as cold dread settled in her stomach. Soon her back was pressed up against the trunk of a large tree, and the cat was right in front of her, its amber eyes piercing her in the darkness. What the hell was she going to do now? This creature could tear her to pieces in less than a minute.

“Nice kitty,” she whispered, her voice shaking under the stress of her fear. “Are you hungry? I ha-have food…W-would you like something to eat?” God, I must have lost my mind! Talking to a wild animal like it was a house pet was definitely sheer insanity.

Just when she thought it wasn’t possible for her to be any more petrified, the animal suddenly began shaking, and then something completely unbelievable happened—it transformed into a very large man right before her eyes. Saige’s heart immediately jumped from her chest to her throat, blocking off the scream she desperately wanted to let out.

The man cocked his head to one side, his amber eyes gleaming in the moonlight just like the black cat’s had, and whispered, “Don’t you know it’s not safe for little girls to go off into the woods all by themselves?”

That was the last thing Saige heard before she crumpled to the ground in a dead faint.

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Mancandy Monday

What better way to start your week than with some alluringly sexy menfolk! It is a strong belief of mine that your mornings will go smoothly once you've had a good dose of your favorite mancandy, and here is mine... 

Saturday, 21 March 2015

Review: QuickSilver Codex by Kallysten

On the verge of her twentieth birthday, Vivien’s worries are those of a typical young woman: doing well in college, gaining more independence, and maybe managing to show Brad, her classmate and sometimes jogging partner, that she wouldn’t mind taking their burgeoning relationship to a different level.

Everything changes in the blink of an eye. Vivien stumbles into a knife fight, watches a man die in front of her, and soon listens, stunned, as Brad and his brother Aedan tell her a story of magic, vampires and a murderous ruler intent on killing a princess in hiding – a tale in which she is the princess and heir to a realm she didn’t know existed.

Vivien’s first instinct is to refuse to believe this incredible tale, even if it comes from a man she is attracted to. But when her self-proclaimed bodyguards use magic to take her to a different world, the edges of reality start blurring and Vivien has to figure out who she truly is.

As usual Kallysten has yet to disappoint. This is the first installment in the QuickSilver Codex, and considering my love for the lady who wrote it, the only series that I have yet to read. It wont take me long to get caught up, however, especially if the next books are as great as this one.

There is no setting the pace with this lady. You are instantly roped into the story, caught up in the characters and their emotional struggles. I have yet to meet a character of Kally's which I didn't like. They are all beautiful, sensual men and women, plagued by their own demons and needs, who you can't help but fall in love with, - and Vivien and the twins are no exception.

You quickly find yourself becoming enraptured by them, eager for more, anticipating which path Kally will take them down next. In my opinion this is what makes for good reading. You are always pleasantly surprised, be it an action packed fight scene, or a more intimate one between the heroine and the object of her affections. The of course their are the brothers themselves, their relationship is one that had me intrigued and a little curious.

If you are anything like myself then you will be glued to your seat lost in your imaginings as Kally's words expand and grow into something amazing in your mind. The need to experience it all, and see the characters get their HEA will drive you insane. This is definitely the makings of another amazing series, and one I would recommend you read.


On Foh’Ran, a parallel world in which a magical force called the Quickening rules the lives of humans and vampires alike, Vivien just won her first battle.

Raised on Earth, Vivien had no idea she was heir to Foh’Ran's throne until Brad and Aedan, her bodyguards, revealed themselves to her and took her to her family’s ancestral castle. Her first confrontation with Rhuinn, the man who usurped her throne, ended as well as could be hoped and she won a few days of respite until she has to appear at the royal court again.

Before she does, however, she’ll need to break through her mental block and master the Quickening to prove herself a worthy daughter of Foh’Ran. She’ll also have to gain allies among Foh’Ran’s influential families. The most difficult part, however, might be to follow Aedan’s advice and learn to act like a queen when she’s still unsure whether she truly wants the throne, and would rather simply be Brad’s girlfriend.



Five days. That’s how long Vivien has to prepare for the first of three magic duels against Rhuinn, the usurper king of Foh’Ran. She challenged him to the duels not because she wants the throne, although it is her birthright, but because she blames him for the death of Brad – one of her bodyguards, and the man she loves.

Except that Brad is alive again… or the next best thing. His brother Aedan, rather than losing him, broke all customs and made him a vampire like himself, a decision that might cost him dearly when his own Maker confronts him.

Vivien’s joy over not losing Brad, however, might have to be hampered when Aedan’s disapproval of their relationship takes a new turn. Brad’s new vampire instincts are strong, and his hunger for blood is hard – if not impossible – to control. The two brothers swore an oath to protect Vivien, but one of them might be the greatest threat to her safety… at least for the next five days…


Author Bio:
My most exciting accomplishment to date was to cross a few thousand miles and an ocean to pursue (and catch!) the love of my life. I have been writing for over fifteen years, and I’ve always enjoyed sharing my stories and listening to the readers’ reactions.

After playing with science fiction, short stories, poetry and fanfiction, I am now trying my hand, heart and words at romance novels and I am very excited to have my stories published as ebooks.

My first novels were published by Linden Bay Romance in 2005. The defunct Venus Press subsequently published a few of my short stories. Because so many of my stories are linked as series and part of the same universe, I decided it would make sense to have them all in the same place, which is why I decided to self-publish, first with Alinar then on my own. When I see calls for submissions that speak to my muse, I sometimes try for them, and was published this way by Samhain (Moonlust) and Torquere(Christmas Magic, The Thirteenth Halloween).

When I’m not writing – which isn’t all that often! – I devour books, work in my vegetables patch or at my real-life job, put small quilts together for friends, and try to exercise more. Where do I sign up for days that are 30 hours long?

Friday, 20 March 2015

Author Spotlight; Mackenzie Williams

Welcome my darlings. Today I’m very lucky to be interviewing the gorgeous Mackenzie Williams, author of Once Bitten, Twice Seduced. 

Amara: Hello there Mackenzie, thank you for agreeing to this interview. Why don't you start by telling us what inspired you to write?
Mackenzie: I love to read.  Soon, my own stories started to fill my head and I just had to start writing them.

Amara: So, what have you written to date?
Mackenzie: I have three books in my Orchard series about a BDSM club- "Claim Me", "Save Me", "Tame Me".  My newest is a paranormal erotic romance called "Once Bitten, Twice Seduced- Revenants 1".

Amara: What genre are your books, and what drew you to this genre?
Mackenzie: I write erotic romance books.  I write in this genre because I love to read it myself.  I like the sweet and sexy sides of a romance.

Amara: What are you working on at the minute?
Mackenzie: Currently, I'm finishing the second book in the Revenants series.

Amara: In your opinion, what is the hardest thing about writing?
Mackenzie: One of the hardest things for me is timing.  Some days I have energy and ideas but no time to write.  Other days I might have time but little energy or flowing words.  Finding the balance is important.

Amara: Where can you see yourself in 5 years time?
Mackenzie: Hopefully still writing.  Maybe venturing out to other genres.

Amara: What advice would you give to aspiring writers?
Mackenzie: My advice would be to just give yourself time to write.  Even if you think it's not your best, just write.  You never know what will come out.


After catching her boyfriend cheating, Addison Mitchell needs to get away from everything for a while. Her life changes forever when she is attacked by a mysterious person or creature in the forest. Luke Stone comes to her rescue and saves her. Things only get more complicated from there.

Addison soon realizes that her attacker was a vampire, or Revenant, as they call themselves. Luke tries to help and guide her through her recovery but his girlfriend, Brooklyn, isn't happy about the situation. Ultimately, Addison runs from Luke's place but when she tries to return to her old life, she realizes that she needs Luke. 

Luke's identical twin brother, Gabe, soon comes into the picture and decides he wants Addison for his own. Brooklyn leaves but not for long. She returns to reclaim Luke. Can Addison and Luke ever truly have the life they desire?

Thursday, 19 March 2015

Cover Reveal; Craving Cameo

The daughter of the Sentinels pack and MC Alpha, Cameo Cruz moved across country to escape her pack—and the wolf she can never have. Making a new life, she embraced her freedom and went to school. One partying night with her best friend shatters her bubble of safety, and she’s forced to do the one thing she swore she never would…ask for help.

Quade Rainwater lives for his pack and the life the Sentinels Alpha gave him when he took him in. He’d do anything for them, even cut himself off from the she-wolf he’s loved for as long as he’s known her. When all hell breaks loose and someone puts a bounty on his girl, Quade will cross the country to protect her. Unfortunately for him, he’s the last person she wants to see.

All he has to do is keep her safe from the bounty hunters, the locals, and himself….

Author Bio:
TL Reeve, a mulit-published author with Decadent Publishing, Cobblestone Press and Evernight Publishing, was born out of a love of family and a bond that became unbreakable. Living in the south, TL misses Los Angeles and will one day return to the beaches of Southern California to ride the waves at Huntington Beach. When not writing something hot and sexy, TL can be found curled up with a good book, or working on homework with a cute little pixie.

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Release Day!!!

Hey ladies and gents! It's RELEASE DAY!!!!! The second book in my Unrequited Trilogy is finally here! I am so excited right now it's unreal. I am so glad I am able to do this, thank you everyone for your support. I wouldn't be here without you! 

Following the difficult trials leading to their newfound relationship, Tristan and Joshua thought things would get easier. They had fought their dark pasts together, and made a vow to never allow them to control their lives again.

Now a whole new kind of complication has arrived to test their loyalty and trust. A sexy complication in the form of Logan Mclean.

Lust, lies and emotions run rampant as the Scottish businessman wedges himself between the lovers. Have Tristan and Joshua truly laid the ghosts of their pasts to rest, or will they allow another’s desires to ruin everything? For in this ever growing world of emotion, one step can lead to either complete happiness, or an ultimate betrayal.

Monday, 16 March 2015

Devil Takes His Innocent; Emma Anderson

A little about myself
One day my prince charming came along. He just took a wrong turn, got lost, and was too stubborn to ask for directions. Well that was how my first date ended up with a special man, who is now my husband. Yes, you read correctly, I married him and haven’t regretted a minute. Thirteen years later, I have two wonderful boys (three if you include hubby, which I often do) and I’m following my dreams of writing romance books with HEAs, thanks to my supportive family.

I started writing several years ago. Mainly children’s books for my boys. Those will probably never get published. Then to quote Martin Luther King, “I had a dream!” As a rule I never remember my dreams, but this one I did, and I wrote it down. And the rest as they say is history. I currently have five books published and another due out in the next couple of weeks. At this stage they are all paranormal. What can I say? I love the big predatory mythological creatures so to offer them their own happy ever after was the least I can do.

Devil Torments is a vampire living in a world where one man’s weakness paves the way for another man’s gain. When a gambling addict offers his daughter as payment for his debt, Devil accepts. Sex without strings is exactly the way he likes it. Love is a concept for fools, the ultimate weakness. Little does he know, he’s about to meet his mate…

In order to protect her best friend, nurse Gabby Winters must bow to her abusive father’s demands and offer her innocence to a stranger. She never expected to feel anything, let alone find herself irrevocably tied to the man. But can Gabby learn to accept that Devil’s scars run deep, and the love she’s spent her life secretly yearning for is forever out of reach?

If Devil thought that keeping Gabby at arm’s length would keep either of them safe, he was dead wrong. When danger lands at Gabby’s feet, it’s up to Devil to pick up the pieces. Will he come to realize that love isn’t a weakness and Gabby is his greatest strength, before it’s too late? Or will he lose the most precious gift of all?

Mancandy Monday

What better way to start your week than with some alluringly sexy menfolk! It is a strong belief of mine that your mornings will go smoothly once you've had a good dose of your favorite mancandy, and here is mine... 

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Author Spotlight; Gayle Cranfield

Welcome my darlings. Today Im very lucky to be interviewing the marvelous Gayle Cranfield, author of The Jasmine Tree.

Gayle: Thank you Amara, and thanks for inviting me to your blog today.

Amara: Hiya Gayle, thank you for agreeing to this interview. Tell us a little about yourself and your background?

Gayle: My background...I live in the UK and originate from the East End of London. Bit of a rough area. (posh now thanks to the Olympic village two miles down the road, but that's because they levelled half of the crappy bit to build it!) I met my now husband when I was 14 and 30 years later we have two beautiful kids who are both away at University. One in Cardiff, Wales and the other in London. I now live in Wiltshire in the South West of England slap bang in the middle of Stonehenge and Bath. I run a beauty salon part-time and the other part of my day I write.

Amara: What inspired you to write?

Gayle: I read FSOG, I know, I'm sorry, but one of my nail clients lent it to me and I kinda got hooked...but it got me into reading again. I found I loved reading Erotica and couldn't get enough of it. I read everything possible by Sylvia Day and then I realised how bad EL James was (or perhaps we should blame her editor more than her).

In the summer of 2014, I went on road-trip around California with my family and friends and downloaded some terrible books. I do try and finish everything I start but had to give up on two of them. That's when I thought...if these books can get published surely I can do something better than that. By Christmas I had written my first book which was 97000 words.

Amara: So, what have you written to date?

Gayle: I have written 4 books so far.
  • The Right Turn
  • The New Dawn
  • The Jasmine Tree
  • And The Forever Forest which has just been sent to a publisher.

Amara; What genre are your books, and what drew you to this genre?

Gayle: I write M/F thrillers although The Forever Forest (as yet unpublished) is a M/F Paranormal.
I love to write what I enjoy reading so tend to stick to thrillers. My books are full of twists and turns and I love to keep you on the edge of your seat throughout the whole book. You will never guess the end of my thrillers.

The Paranormal was out of my comfort zone but loved writing it as a change and I think I will explore that route again.

Amara: What are you working on at the minute?

Gayle: I'm just 3 chapters into a new thriller. This story begins with two children in Marrakech with their parents, one of the children is kidnapped and never found, my story is about the child that is left behind. A bad boy the mother wraps in cotton wool to protect but he joins the marines to escape her. We meet him seventeen years later when he is in The Special Boat Service (SBS) UK equivalent of The Navy Seals. I know the end, but haven't decided how I'm gonna get there yet!

Amara; Have you written any other novels in collaboration with other writers?

Gayle: No nothing.

Amara; In your opinion, what is the hardest thing about writing?

Gayle: The hardest thing is accepting criticism from your Beta readers. One of my Beta readers is also my proof reader and she has ripped apart my first chapter on two of my books. I loved The Jasmine Tree's first chapter, thought it was the best thing I had ever written until she ripped it to pieces (well I thought she had at the time. All she actually said was it needed something else.) I added some photos that my hero was looking at to explain his life to date instead of it being a catalogue of information, she read it and agreed it so worked and said it was a brilliant start to my book. I told her I f**king hate it when you're right.

Amara; Where can you see yourself in 5 years time? 

Gayle: I'd love to make a living from this writing lark...but let's see.

Amara; What advice would you give to aspiring writers?

Gayle:  Never give up and always have the guts to say, actually this is pretty good.  Never be frightened of rejection (I was rejected six times before The Right Turn was accepted, JK Rowling was turned down eight times allegedly, hey, I've just realised I got a publishing deal quicker than JK Rowling wha hoo! Although I think she's made a bit more money than me.)

Amara: Thank you for stopping by today to chat with me. It's been awesome! Muahs! 

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Mancandy Monday

What better way to start your week than with some alluringly sexy menfolk! It is a strong belief of mine that your mornings will go smoothly once you've had a good dose of your favorite mancandy, and here is mine... 

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PRE-ORDER Betrayal (Unrequited Trilogy #2)


AVAILABLE: Wednesday, March 18th

Following the difficult trials leading to their newfound relationship, Tristan and Joshua thought things would get easier. They had fought their dark pasts together, and made a vow to never allow them to control their lives again. Now a whole new kind of complication has arrived to test their loyalty and trust. A sexy complication in the form of Logan Mclean.

Lust, lies, and emotions run rampant as the Scottish businessman wedges himself between the lovers. Have Tristan and Joshua truly laid the ghosts of their pasts to rest, or will they allow another’s desires to ruin everything? For in this ever-growing world of emotion, one step can lead to either complete happiness or an ultimate betrayal.

Friday, 6 March 2015

Author Spotlight; Yoneda Kou

Yoneda Kou made her manga debut in 2009 with Doushitemo Furetakunai (No Touching at All), which became an instant critical and commercial success. She followed up with Saezuru Tori wa Habatakanai (Twittering Birds Never Fly), and has also published doujinshi under the circle names "Raw" and "NITRO Koutetsu". A Capricorn with an A blood type, she likes sushi, inexpensive chocolate, and foreign drama series.


Doushitemo Furetakunai
On his very first day at a brand-new job, shy Shima is trapped in the elevator with a hungover mess of a guy…who turns out to be his boss! Togawa’s prickly exterior definitely puts the rookie recruit on-edge, but it doesn’t take long before Shima’s every waking thought is invaded by his overbearing yet totally thoughtful superior. Will Shima put aside a history of disappointment in order to take a chance on a complicated relationship?

Saezuru Tori wa Habatakanai
Yashiro is the young leader of Shinseikai and the president of the Shinseikai Enterprise, but like so many powerful men, he leads a double life as a deviant and a masochist. Chikara Doumeki comes to work as a bodyguard for him and, although Yashiro had decided that he would never lay a hand on his own men, he finds there's something about Doumeki that he can't resist. Yashiro makes advances toward Doumeki, but Doumeki has mysterious reasons for denying. Yashiro, who abuses his power just to abuse himself, and Doumeki, who faithfully obeys his every command, begin the tumultuous affair of two men with songs in their hearts and no wings to fly.

A collection of masterful, sensual stories by popular yaoi creator Kou Yoneda! In the title story, Masato Karashima is a “transporter,” a man paid to smuggle anything from guns to drugs to people. When he’s hired by yakuza gang member Masaki Hozumi, he finds himself attracted to the older man, and what starts out as a business transaction quickly spirals into a cat-and-mouse game of lust and deception. In “Emotion Spectrum,” a high-school student tries to be a good wingman for a classmate, with an unexpected result, while “Reply” is told from the alternating perspectives of an emotionally reserved salesman and the shy mechanic who’s in love with him.

Kanjou Spectrum
Kugou's best friend Nakaya is cheerful, lively, and just a bit hopeless, exactly the type who is popular with both boys and girls. So it comes as no surprise to Kugou when one day he catches Usui, a quiet, yet serious classmate staring at them as they pass by… 

For more titles by this author follow this link - Goodreads 
Author Website - トバクチ