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Author Spotlight: Mackenzie Williams


The Orchard: Command Me (BDSM) (MF) by Mackenzie Williams
Released: May 18th 2016

Emerald has always had trouble controlling her anger. Her problem isn't getting any better now that she has a boss and a coworker who seem determined to make her life hell. She turns some of her pent-up stress toward enjoying play at The Orchard, a BDSM club. A few times, however, her anger gets the best of her. Will the Doms make her leave the club for good? When she meets Master Roman, she hopes he'll see the real person she is inside.

Master Roman instantly recognizes Emerald's problem with anger. He has his own abusive past at the hands of angry women. Master Roman believes she needs a strict and tough Dom, but he's not sure he can trust himself with her. Can he get past his demons to help her? Can she, in return, help him with those inner demons?

Adult Excerpt:
The butterfly toy still buzzed against her begging clit. Emerald squeezed her pussy muscles together, and a deep tingle ran through her. The need to come was so great that she could think of nothing or no one else.

“No.” The word rushed from her with no thought.

“Excuse me?” Master Lucas stepped closer to her. “I don’t think I heard you correctly.”

“Master Lucas, let me take over from here. My pet seems to be near gone.”

Emerald’s body tensed at his tone. Before she could regret her actions, she heard her Dom moving his punishment device through the air. Master Roman was spinning it quickly. The sound of the strands of leather whipping through the air caused her to clench her pussy muscles again.

Em held her breath. The air from the spinning flogger cooled the heated skin of her ass. The anticipation was almost thick enough to choke her. Her eyes then moved to the Dom that had been touching himself earlier. He smirked at her and then made a kissing motion with his lips while never stopping his self-stroking.

“Now, pet. It seems as if your mind doesn’t want to play any longer. Let’s see if your ass still does.”

With that, Master Roman neared with the flogger still spinning. She exhaled, trying to calm herself. It didn’t work. Suddenly then she felt it. The flogger just barely skimmed her ass. The experienced Dom kept it spinning as he moved it down her thigh. The leather strands were lightly hitting her in a fast downward motion. It didn’t stay light for long, however. Emerald whimpered as the flogger struck her ass harder, still spinning. It felt like a human car wash, minus the soap and water.

Master Roman let the flogger strike her upper thigh harder still, and a loud moan flew from his sub. A few more seconds of the fast moving leather, and Em trembled. That orgasm was closer still.

Just then, Master Roman stepped back from her, taking the flogger away, but she could still hear it moving quickly through the air. After several tense seconds and without warning, the Dom brought it back to her, but this time it struck her bare pussy lips.

Emerald cried out as it hit her sensitive skin over and over. That was all she needed. Her climax spilled from her clit, and she screamed out again. Master Roman continued to strike her but had pulled back just a bit. She whimpered loudly as the butterfly helped her orgasm rush through her.

Suddenly, the flogger stopped moving altogether, and Emerald tried to quiet her moans and her trembling. She was breathing heavily and having quite a bit of trouble not falling off the stool.

“Aaahhh, so beautiful.” Master Roman touched her ass and she winced.

Emerald tried to stand because her legs were starting to cramp.

“No, sweet. We aren’t done yet.”

She whimpered. Her Dom’s deep voice had her next orgasm building already. Emerald tried to readjust her chest on the hard stool. She tried not to look out at the Masters before her because she knew that it wouldn’t do anything to help calm her.

She lifted herself off the stool just an inch so she could get more comfortable, but her Dom had other ideas. In the split second that she was off the stool, Master Roman reached down and unhooked her bra top. Emerald gasped as it popped open immediately, letting her large breasts bounce free.

“There. I believe the audience wanted to see that.” Master Roman ran his warm hand down her back.

Emerald couldn’t stop from shaking as goose bumps broke out on her arms. Her bra lay limply under her. In this odd position, her tits were shoved up uncomfortably. Screw it. Em moved forward, letting her breasts hang off the edge of the stool. She ignored the few whistles that came from the men.

Master Roman leaned down to whisper in her ear. Another shiver ran over her as his warm breath licked her neck.

“Sub, we are almost done here. We’ve taken the stage for too long. I know how I want this to end. Do you know your safe word still?”

“Core, Sir.” Her response was automatic.

“Good girl.”

Master Roman stood up and stepped back from her, now addressing the audience. “Men, I will finish off my slave. I can see some of you are getting restless for your turn.” He returned to standing behind her. “Master Lucas, hand me the second one.”

Instant panic mixed with her need to be fucked. Both flared in her stomach. Em was having trouble slowing her breathing as Master Lucas returned to Master Roman holding a second flogger. It matched the first one, beautiful and threatening.

Monday, 16 May 2016

Author Spotlight: Aeryn Jaden

A Valentine Surprise: Big, Bad Dragon ( Fated, Book 1) by Aeryn Jaden
Released: 7th February 2016
Genre MM Paranormal Romance
Tags mm, new release, dragons, shifters, mpreg, paranormal romance etc

Amazon Links:

What if you suddenly found yourself in a Dragon's Lair? What would you do? Mmmm. Enjoy it, of course. Especially when the dragon is so yummy!

Ryuu had spent his life having to explain why he likes dressing in woman's clothes and resenting that he was different. Travelling the country with his boyfriend and working as a drag queen entertainer had been fun. Until it got old. The moving around and the boyfriend. Finding a new stable job in Boston is a godsend. He doesn't know yet just how true that statement is.

Troy lives in his caves. He hardly goes out, unless his somewhat friend, Hermes, makes him. Yes, that Hermes. And Troy's that old. And weary. He's a naga dragon and has no time or patience for humans' bullshit. Then he hits a human with his car and takes him home to heal. His life will never be the same.

Will the stubborn dragon realize in time what treasure he had stumbled upon, with a bit of friendly help? The sex is great but is that the only thing that is special about Ryuu? Even if he does open his eyes in time , Ryuu may not survive the sudden immerse in a world where dragons are venomous snake-like hunky guys and mythological gods own clubs. Especially if you mix in all the craziness an impulsive competitive brother and a scary as hell future mother-in-law.

Snowing? No. The sky was falling in the shape of microscopic symmetrical crystalline ice structures. It was beautiful, if you weren’t freezing your ass off. Ryuu felt as if he was another of those ice formations, just ambling along with the gusts of wind eerily blowing down the deserted streets. The snow was quickly piling. The only reason Ryuu’s body could still shiver and be cold opposed to already transformed to ice was the bus driver taking pity on him and giving him his old sweatshirt. ‘Frozen’ seemed to be the theme for this particular night. The streets were frozen in silence, no human in sight. The poles were frozen over, he was turning into ice and even sound seemed to have stilled all around him. Taxis weren’t working, if there were any in the quaint little town, and his boyfriend of three years wasn’t answering the phone. Ryuu was screwed in a very unpleasant way. Good thing he wasn’t the type to linger on the unpleasantness of life.

He stopped in the middle of the road, snow scattered on his hair and shoulders, making him feel buried alive in the stuff. It continued to pile everywhere, so much so Ryuu could no longer see where the sidewalk ended and the street began. Not that it mattered. He seemed to be the only one crazy enough to be out in this weather. The good part was that the snow was making him feel a bit warmer; he wasn’t shivering so hard anymore. He turned around, looking to see any lights on and maybe get some help. He had heard people in small towns usually were kinder and he hoped someone would take pity on him and not let him freeze to death. It all looked the same and now he didn’t know which direction he had come from. There had been a light on, near the bus stop. Which way had been the bus stop?

So pretty. The snow was coming down harder and it was even more difficult to see. Ryuu stopped completely and turned his face up, watching the ice falling down to earth, the streetlamps’ glow making the particles shine like diamonds. Sticking his tongue out, he chased the big ones, remembering when his parents had let him and Rei play in the snow. He hadn’t thought about that in a very long time. He did now, and it didn’t hurt as it used to. Maybe it was because of nature’s magic. Ryuu could feel it was a special night, though his childhood stories about special nights involved a lot of scary Japanese legends. Ryuu had never believed those. Even if spirits did come out to play some nights, they’d not be as evil and mangled as those stories made them. Magic was too beautiful to be evil. Or, maybe, Ryuu was purely delusional and currently freezing to death in a whiteout.

His eyes blinded by a sudden flash, he froze in place, certain something was about to happen. It was, after all, a special night like that.

He was right. The car sped towards him and skidded on a patch of black ice hidden by the new layer of snow. Fortunately, the hit wasn’t direct. Ryuu’s eyes blinked unseeing, the noise clamouring in his head too much to make sense of anything. He soon found out what was happening when a hard object pushed him up and threw him in the air to land some three feet away from where he had been standing frozen, like a deer in the headlights, in the middle of the road. Luckily, the snow had piled up enough to build snowdrifts right around where Ryuu landed after his short and sudden flight.

* * * *

“You almost broke my present.”

“Shut up, Hermes. You’re not to speak to me for the next century or so.”

“But, then, how will you thank me?”

“Are you an idiot? I could’ve killed him! And you don’t ‘gift’ human beings!”

The enraged shout penetrated the void enveloping Ryuu’s mind and he felt his leg move as if during sleep.

“Why not? It’s not as if it’s the first time. Well, it is for you but I did this before.”

“Go away. Talking with you is like hitting my head against a brick wall.”

“Um? Painful and stupid? Hey! I resent that!”

Ryuu groaned at the jarring shout and tried to open his eyes. Not working yet, it seemed.

“He’s coming around.”

“I sure hope so. I never killed a human that didn’t deserve it. But, then again, I’m not sure he doesn’t, considering he was stupid enough to sit in the middle of the street and not duck a truck.”

“He’s human and it’s snowing pretty hard. He may be “weather afflicted” or something. You know how strange and fragile they are.”

“He’s also awake and listening to all we’re saying.”

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Release Blitz: Waiting on Summer by Bella Settarra

Release Blitz: Waiting on Summer by Bella Settarra on May 9th

‘Collar and Cuffs’  Book One

He can dominate her body, but he can’t control her past...

After fleeing to Miami to escape her junkie ex-boyfriend, Summer Marsden finds work as a waitress upstairs in the swanky restaurant and gentlemen’s club, Collar and Cuffs. Although she loves the job, her big mouth gets her into trouble. Intending to resign before she causes more problems, she finds herself face-to-face with the enigmatic and dangerously handsome Nathan Faulkener.

Nathan irons out her problem and takes her downstairs to the Bottom Bar, which she discovers is actually an exclusive BDSM club within Collar and Cuffs. Nathan re-ignites her passion for BDSM, and their desire for each other explodes. He wants nothing more than to solve all Summer’s problems and give her the world, but she has secrets she’s never told, and a sordid, dangerous history that won’t stay in the past. When her ex shows up gunning for revenge, even Nathan might not be strong enough to save her...

Reader discretion: contains light BDSM, whipping, and spanking elements

In Bella’s world all the heroes are gorgeous hunks and the heroines are always beautiful. Having said that, she firmly believes that ‘handsome is as handsome does’ and that ‘beauty is in the eye of the beholder’. (She is also a big fan of clichés as well as alliteration!)

She has been hanging out with her ‘imaginary friends’ for a couple of years now and finds the profession exhilarating and intriguing.  Her stories are all Erotic Romances, although they vary considerably in subject-matter.

One of the things she absolutely loves to write is light BDSM and her Collar and Cuffs series (Etopia Press) received an ARe Bestseller Award for Waiting on Summer, which has also been nominated for a BDSM Con Golden Flogger Award. This series was set in a BDSM club in Miami, and was a joy to write.

She also loves writing Cowboy Romances and was thrilled when the first book in her The Men of Moone Mountain series, (Etopia Press), entitled Ménage on Moone Mountain, received a nomination for the Ménage Romances Fan’s Award 2015 and became an ARe Bestseller, and the third book in this series, Ménage on Ryder Ranch was also nominated for the Erotic Ménages Romances Award 2016 . The fourth book in this series, Ménage at the Mode Boutique is now also available in digital format. She is currently writing another Cowboy series, Midnight in Montana (Siren Publishing), the first of which, Dallas at Midnight, is already available, while the second book, Meet Me at Midnight, is due for publication in June 2016.

Her writing career began, however, in the fantasy/myth genre, with her first series Sirens and Sailors (Siren Publishing). Although this was a series of six novels, it actually started out as a short story! This was a delight to write and was proof positive that her High School Classical Studies lessons weren’t entirely wasted.

She has also had a couple of short stories published in Men for Hire and Men for Hire 2 (Luminosity Publishing) and even had some rather raunchy poems included in Coming Together in Verse.

Not everyone is perfect – but it’s the character flaws which make them interesting, she believes. As in life, things don’t always run smoothly, but it’s the twists and turns which provide the drive to keep going, even when it just feels like an uphill struggle. Bella is currently fighting her own battle against breast cancer – a battle which she is determined to win – and believes that all women have the right to feel sexy even when they are battle-scarred.

She hopes you enjoy your foray into her world and would love to connect with you at:



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