Friday, 5 February 2016

Author Spotlight; Clair De Lune

New Release!!
Caught on the Rebound; Prometheus in Chains 14
Release Date: 3rd February

Once bitten, twice shy. Jaimie Scott is determined he'll have no more dominating men in his life after escaping an abusive partner, then he meets trainee Dom, Niall Stewart. He's attracted to Jaimie and willing to woo him slowly, as he introduces him to BDSM. Another sub has different ideas. Believing that Niall loved her before Jaimie came on the scene, Gillian will stop at nothing to get Jaimie out of the picture, and it's only by putting himself at risk again that Jaimie can reveal her true nature.

Just when happiness is within Jaimie's grasp, Zack makes a play to regain him and Niall is devastated. How far is Jaimie prepared to go this time in the pursuit of love and happiness?

** MM… BDSM with spanking, Kinbaku  and fire-play

"Jaimie, I'm home. I got you a present, come and see,"

"Zack, you know I love presents what is it? It looks big and expensive. Thank you." Jaimie started to unwrap the gift. He was excited and rather relieved. Things had been very tense lately between them and he hoped that this was a peace-offering. He wanted nothing so much as to turn back the clock and put the last six weeks behind them. He finished unwrapping the gift. It was a pink vanity-case decorated with butterflies.

"Go on open it. What are you waiting for?" Zack asked. Jaimie's heart sank. This was to be no reconciliation. He opened the case to find an up-market range of skin care products. Wordlessly he looked at Zack. 

"These are so expensive," he murmured diplomatically.

"That doesn't matter at all. I want you to have the best. Your skin needs care. Using these will make you look so much better."

"I take care of my skin, you know I do. What's wrong with my own range?"

"They are too harsh. When you take off your make-up with these, they will leave your skin so much softer and cleaner," Zack explained.

"I told you I won't wear make-up, and I meant it," Jaimie said firmly.

"Won't you try one more time, just to please me?" Zack wheedled.

"I hate it. I look like a clown. Can't you leave it, just to please me?"

"No I can't and I won't."

Zack advanced and Jaimie retreated. He was smaller and slighter than his partner, and so he never won when things became physical, as they had, all too often, lately. Zack's handsome face took on an ugly sneer, as he backed Jaimie into a corner.

      "You behave like a girl, why won't you wear the make-up. You need all the help you can get. I've no idea why I've put up with you for so long."

      "Zack. Why are you doing this? I don't want to wear that stuff. What's wrong all of a sudden? You always said you liked the way I looked before. What's changed?"

      "Maybe my eyes have been opened. I can do a lot better than you. You aren't much to look at, and you don't pull your weight. When I try to get you to improve your look you refuse," Zack snarled. Jaimie couldn't believe his ears.

      "You always said I looked very smart before you started this business of the make-up. You were the one who didn't want me to take on more clients. You said you earned enough and we didn't need the extra," he said.

      "Well I have a position to keep up. I don't want it known that my partner is a skivvy for all and sundry."

      "How will it help your position if I wear make-up and garish clothes? I don't work for just anyone. I choose my clients carefully. They are all well-off and very kind."

      "Yes and there are precious few of them. They exploit you and laugh at you behind your back. You're still nothing but a glorified char-lady and that's not good enough for me. I won't have people poking fun at me because of you."

"I don't understand. Has someone said something? They don't matter, but they'd really go to town if I went out with you dressed in sequins, with a painted face," Jaimie said.

"You always have an answer for everything," Zack shouted and then he raised his hand and hit Jaimie. After the first one he seemed to lose all control of himself and the blows rained down. Jaimie had learned, from bitter experience, that to resist just increased the severity and duration of the beating. When Zack grew tired he threw the vanity case on top of Jaimie and stormed out, slamming the door.

 Jaimie remained on the floor, curled in a ball. After a long while he got up. He didn’t know how long he'd stayed there. The dinner will be ruined. What a stupid thing to think about. I must get in the bath. He managed to get to the bathroom, where he ran himself a hot bath adding salt to the hot water. Then he undressed and sank gratefully into the blessed warmth. He was too tired and upset to think but he knew that things couldn’t go on like this. I have to do something, but what can I do? Where can I go? The rapidly cooling water told him it was time to get out of the bath. He was less stiff and sore than before, but he knew that it was only a temporary reprieve. He managed to eat a little of the dinner he'd made and put the rest in the bin. If Zack wants food he can get it for himself. It will serve him right and it may make him realise just how much I've been doing for him. Jaimie grimaced. He won't even notice. He got into bed and fell asleep almost at once.

He was awakened by the light's being switched on. Zack was there and cramming his belongings into a suitcase. Jaimie tried to sit up but he was too sore. Usually Zack would slam out of the flat, but when he came back hours later, he would beg Jaimie’s pardon and promise not to do it again. This time as he packed a bag he gave Jaimie an ultimatum.

"I'm tired of you. I want you gone. You have a week to get out of my flat. Anything of yours that's left here after that will be put into the dustbin.The door slammed and Zack was gone. Jaimie was numb with shock. He lay back on the pillows, as his mind struggled to understand what had just happened. He went over the past six weeks and realized he'd been a fool to think it would all be all right. Something would have to be done, but what?
© Clair de Lune, Siren Publishing, 2016

Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Release Day!!

Several months have past since Tristan and Joshua's relationship was pushed to its limit, in the worst of ways, yet they managed to overcome the lies and deceit.
Their relationship is now stronger than it’s ever been, however, a single phone call may be about to change all of that. As Tristan discovers something that could irrevocably destroy everything they have built, Joshua has a life altering decision to make.
In this final instalment of the Unrequited Trilogy, Tristan and Joshua’s relationship is faced with yet another complication. One neither of them would ever have seen coming. With the arrival of a new man in Tristan’s life, will Joshua make his lover’s fear a reality, or will he prove that their love is indeed destined?