Author Spotlight 2015

What better way to pay homage to those amazing men and women we love to stalk than giving them a whole days promo to themselves. Now, we will have the chance to get our fangirl/boy on as I am joined by some of the greatest authors to date.

February 13th - Kallysten 
February 20th - April Zyon 
February 27th - Jacqueline Anne 

March 6th - Yoneda Kou 
March 13th - Gayle Cranfield 
March 20th - Mackenzie Williams 
March 31st - Kelsie Belle 

April 3rd - Andrew Jericho
April 7th - Maia Dylan
April 14th - Evelise Archer
April 17th - Ukyo Ayane 
April 21st - Peri Elizabeth Scott
April 24th - Maia Dylan
April 28th - Elle Boon

May 1st - Jacqueline Anne
May 5th - James Wood
May 8th - Jessica Stevens
May 15th - Kallie Renae
May 19th - Kallysten
May 26th - Laurie Hunsaker

June 5th - Michelle Roth 
June 24th - Mishima Kazuhiko 

July 3rd - Jacqueline Anne

August 13th - Michelle Roth
August 14th - Mckinlay Thomson
August 19th - Elodie Parkes
August 31st - April Zyon

September 10th - Maia Dylan
September 25th - Michelle Roth

October 16th - Michelle Roth

November 2nd - Elodie Parkes
November 19th - Clair de Lune